Activate Accident Repair continues to establish green credentials with state-of-the-art Manchester body shop
July 2, 2023

Activate Accident Repair has today announced the opening of another hi-tech body shop, strengthening its presence in the North-West with a new site in Manchester.

Opening our fifth site

The opening of this site – Activate Accident Repair’s fifth – continues the growth of its hybrid repair network, which sees the strategic location of owned sites to complement its partner repair group relationships across the UK.

As with existing sites, Manchester is purpose built and has seen significant investment in energy efficient infrastructure, processes, and technology, making it possible to repair all vehicle types including the latest EVs and HEVs.

The business has placed equal focus on investing in people, with dedicated training and support processes embedded into the day-to-day operation. Customers can expect a first-class repair experience from the moment a vehicle arrives to the day it leaves site.

State of the art body shops

These state-of-the-art body shops are also enabling Activate Accident Repair to strive towards its carbon neutral goals.

“Environmental, social and corporate governance is at the top of the agenda for us, and for the wider fleet and insurance industries, which is why we’ve focused heavily on ensuring our body shops deliver for the environment as well as our customers.” said Victoria Turner, CEO of Activate Accident Repair.

“From installing heat recycling paint ovens to integrating green and alternative parts into our supply chain, we’re serious about meeting our net zero carbon target.”

Activate Accident Repair is part of Activate Group, a group of companies that includes Motor Repair Network, sopp+sopp and Activate Parts.

The Group’s own chain of body shops works alongside its approved network of 200 repairers to service hundreds of thousands of claims a year for its fleet and insurance clients.

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