Your repair

Wondering what happens when a vehicle is sent to us for repair?

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our process.

Our repair process

Step 1

Your insurer, fleet manager, or accident management company will let us know that your vehicle needs repairing. You can also contact our sites directly to arrange a repair

Step 2

We’ll assess the damage to your vehicle.

We may contact you to ask for more information or images. Alternatively, we’ll arrange to look at the vehicle in person.

Step 3

If your vehicle can be repaired, we’ll produce a detailed repair estimate. We’ll request authorisation from the fleet, insurer or accident management company to go ahead with the repairs.

Step 4

Once the repair is approved, we’ll contact you to arrange a collection date. If your vehicle is drivable, we’ll order the parts first and work round the expected delivery date to reduce inconvenience.

We’ll also give you an estimated completion date, and keep you informed of any changes.

Step 5

Your vehicle is on site – this is when the magic happens! Our team of qualified technicians will repair your vehicle and get it back to pre-accident condition.

Step 6

We quality-check at every stage of the process, so you can be confident in a safe, high-standard repair.

Once the repair is signed off, we’ll clean your vehicle inside and out.

Step 7

Now your vehicle is fully repaired, we’ll contact you to arrange delivery or collection.

We’ll make sure you have the opportunity to check the repair so we know you’re happy before we hand the vehicle back.


We’re part of Activate Group, a vehicle accident management company that services hundreds of thousands of claims a year for many of the UK’s best-known corporate fleet and insurance companies.

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The insurer, fleet, or accident management company looking after your claim will keep you updated throughout the repair process.

We make sure they have all the information they need by updating our shared systems regularly.

We’ll contact you directly to assess your vehicle and arrange collection and delivery. All other updates will come from the company that referred you to us.

Every repair is different depending on the amount of work involved and any parts needed. We’ll be able to give you a good estimate of the repair time once we’ve completed our initial assessment.

This depends on the details of your insurance policy – please check with our team when they contact you to arrange the initial vehicle assessment. If you are entitled to a replacement vehicle, you will either be allocated one of our courtesy cars or your insurer, fleet or accident management company will arrange a rental vehicle.

The excess is part of your insurance policy. It’s a set amount that you’ve agreed to pay towards the cost of any claim on the policy.

If you have a question about your excess, or feel it is unreasonable you need to discuss this directly with your insurer.

Unfortunately, like many industries, vehicle parts have been affected by shortages and delays caused by global supply chain issues.

Many parts that would previously have been available in a few days are now taking longer to arrive.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this causes! We’re working hard to overcome the issue, but in some cases we have to wait for more parts to be manufactured and shipped before we can complete a repair.

We suggest you remove your belongings from the vehicle – especially things like car seats, umbrellas and shopping bags that may come in handy while the vehicle is on site.


If you have a question about your claim, your accident management company or insurer is your first point of contact.

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