Josh Ebanks

Vehicle Technician

“I’ve been able to change my hours so that I can spend more time looking after my daughter – that’s really important to me.”

My role

I joined the Birmingham body shop in 2019 as an MET Technician (Mechanical, Electrical and Trim).

Career Development

When I first started, my main experience was on the mechanical side of things, but I’ve picked up a lot of new skills working here.

I can now repair geometries or tracking systems, tyres, and panels, which is great from my career as a tech.

What makes Activate Group special?

The thing that’s been most valuable to me is the flexibility.

My little girl has some food allergies and we were worried about putting her into nursery. I’ve been able to change my hours to spend more time looking after her – that’s really important to me.

I’d also say that the Birmingham site is just a nice place to be with friendly people who are always around to help if you need it.